Our free mileage log templates will help you track all the required information hassle-free. Most businesses use a log sheet to keep track of chronological notes or incidents that happen in the place of work. The log sheet template will provide information about what the problem is, where, and when it happened. It may not be possible to keep a mental note of everything which has been done throughout the week, so it will be helpful for an employee to maintain a log of his daily activities in the workplace. This professional activity becomes essential for checking purposes when problems occur. Professional weekly planner templates drive their users to make a well-defined plan for their projects and future endeavors without disrupting the quality of work and nature of the ongoing programs. Some of these weekly planner templates will list the days of the week. That way they will not forget anything. Sun-Sat Weekly Work Schedule Template 8am - 6pm: If you need a full weekly calendar, including weekends, this work schedule shows each hour of the day, starting at 8:00 a.m and ending with the 5:00 p.m. hour. Weekly Work Log Word Template The most popular type, since most people easily remember what they’ve worked on in the past week and it isn’t too tedious to update once a week. Due to time shortage, these face-to-face meetings become impossible, which is why weekly activity reports are created in lieu. 18 printable weekly schedule templates for Word (.docx). A person can type in what they need to do each day. These general reports are a written documentary of each employee’s performance and progress, which is a reliable substitute for personally talking to each employee one by one, an endeavor nobody ever has the time for. Weekly update templates are available in all formats just like MS word, MS excel and PDF to make reporting process fluent and effective for you. Sun-Sat Weekly Work Schedule with Notes Template: A free template showing every day of the week, with the addition of notes at the bottom. Separate sections are allotted for separate entities, thus making multitasking a whole lot easier. For 5, 6 & 7-day weeks. The IRS, as you would expect, will not just rely upon your word and will need some evidence of the business mileage. The templates can easily be saved and used again later. Weekly update report is one of the most powerful and handy tools to provide updates about a particular job or work for a week and can be constructed easily via weekly update template. The weekly planner template … For work, college, school, class and many more uses. When you’re happy with the template, click “Download” or “Create” to copy the template to a new Excel workbook file. From the results, choose the “Sales Call Log and Organizer” thumbnail to see the template in a larger view and read the description of the template. The Purpose of Weekly Activity Reports. Weekly log sheet in Word and Pdf formats Toggle navigation For a mileage log sheet to be valid for IRS use, it must contain some details. Mandatory information in a mileage log sheet. A weekly report template is of great importance as they give you an overall view of week which has passed away and you can easily calculate what you have earned and what you have lost by just having a single look of your weekly report template. Available for 5, 6 & 7-day weeks. More than 6 free weekly planner templates are published here, in Microsoft Excel and Word format. Download or preview 3 pages of PDF version of Weekly log sheet (DOC: 53.5 KB | PDF: 144.3 KB ) for free. 18 printable, blank weekly schedule templates for PDF. This type of log is also easy for a supervisor to review and approve since it takes a few minutes to do so and also can assist in evaluating an employees’ performance.