Though the Lord Pashupatinath Temple is a Hindu temple, still it also has many Buddhist idols in the premises. They have picked a life of religion and so have given up on all worldly possessions (although some wear silver watches lol). There are over 492 temples in Pashupatinath and shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva including Phallic shrines. It expresses the very essence of Hinduism as pilgrims, priests, devotes, temples, ashrams, images, inscriptions and cremation ghats intermingle with the rituals of daily life, all sprawled along the banks of the sacred Bagmati River. Although it’s about India, its the same religious tradition here. The other Pashupati nath temple is in Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh, India. The inner Pashupatinath temple is not accessible for the non-Hindus. This temple is regarded as the head of goddess Sati( first wife of Lord Shiva) who burnt herself into ashes. Tourists are not allowed to enter the main temple as it is strictly for Hindu devotees, you even have to show your ID card to prove you have a Hindu surname. The temple is regarded as the head of Sati Devi who burnt herself into ashes and who was the first wife of Lord Shiva. Due to the presence of the head of the supreme gold lord Shiva, it is considered the holiest place. Thousands of baba from India including Aghori baba visit Pashupatinath temple during this festival. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Pashupatinath temple is situated in kathmandu,nepal. For the last few years, I've been travelling (mostly) solo around the world. Visiting the Garden of Dreams in KathmanduÂ, Why you need to visit Chitwan National Park, A walking safari in Chitwan National Park, The truth on elephant safaris in Chitwan National Park, An honest guide for visiting the Birthplace of Buddha. Hey there, I'm Sophie. As a living cultural heritage site, there are plenty of activities which happen daily that tourists can watch and get involved in. But, tourists are allowed to wander around the complex outside which has around 492 temples and 12 shrines to explore. In Nepal, there are only a few designated bus stops, most people just stand on the side of the road and wait. The importance of Pashupatinath Temple Kathmandu Pashupatinath temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, who is in Hindu mythology, called the destroyer. But here, it’s seen as part of everyday life. A long term UK expat in India turned travel blogger. These will be sharing taxis/buses and shouldn’t cost more than 15 rupees a ride. Pashupatinath Temple: Historic importance but like any other temple - See 4,927 traveler reviews, 3,409 candid photos, and great deals for Kathmandu, Nepal, at Tripadvisor. This is the famous temple of Nepal. One of the most sacred Hindu temples of Nepal – Pashupatinath Temple is located on both banks of Bagmati River on the eastern outskirts of Kathmandu. If you ask me, from an architectural point of view, Pashupatinath has nothing too special to make it a memorable place. Importance of the Pashupatinath temple Pashupatinath literally means “ Lord of the animals “. Built-in the 5th century, it is today as UNESCO world heritage site. Here’s a quick guide of what to expect at the open cremation ghats in Pashupatinath temple and my top tips for your visit. The Pashupatinath Temple Standing proudly 23.6 meters above the ground in the middle of an open courtyard at Deopatan, is the largest Hindu temple of Nepal, the Pashupatinath. The hundreds of Temples on the premises of Pashupatinath have their own interesting stories. It is also listed in Unesco world heritage site of Nepal. Flocks of devotees throng the temple and it is said sins are absolved after a visit. My background is on the classical science. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Each of the festivals receives immense traffic. The holy temple of Pashupatinath is one of the most important and sacred places of the Saivites in Kathmandu. Will I see open cremations at Pashupatinath temple? Heading to Nepal? There is so much more to this place than that aspect. It is believed to be the oldest and largest Shiva Temple in the world. The offering by the devote accounts for the huge sum of money. The body will then be burned on the pyre and the ashes will be sent down the holy river. Traditionally the temple used to perform human sacrifices as an offering to the gods. But, this was a long time ago.Â. Pashupatinath temple is one of the four jyotirlingas. Please see my disclosure policy for details. For a more extensive guide to bus travel in Nepal, see here. Your email address will not be published. The temple serves as the seat of Pashupatinath. Pashupatinath temple is one of the highly respected temples by the Hindus around the globe. The Maha Shivaratri is one of the widely celebrated festivals in the Pashupatinath temple. The famous Pashupatinath Temple is located on the banks of the Bagmati River just five kilometers east of a Valley in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. It can’t be easy to do this, especially with so many people watching every day. The supreme holiness of the site stems from the Shiva linga enshrined in its main temple. Similar to Varanasi, It’s one of the four most religious sites in Asia dedicated to Shiva that was built in the 5th century once a lingam was found here. Lord Shiva in the form of Pashupatinath is the principal deity here. QuickLink- Organize your best pooja or worship @Pashupati temple visithere Pashupatinath Temple Nepal Pashupatinath temple is famous temples for all hindus non hindus and shiva devotees around the world. I would definitely recommend adding this temple on your itinerary in Nepal to learn a little more about Hindu culture and experience something out of this world!