Juvenile Guardianship

There are few juvenile lawyers in Waukesha and/or Milwaukee County, and fewer still who are expert in guardianship law - this is a specialized area of the law and Attorney Perkins is highly regarded in the legal community for providing quality litigation services in juvenile guardianship law cases. Don't take any chances, call Clarice today for a free consultation.

If you or someone you know needs legal help in juvenile court, contact Clarice. Perkins Law Office specializes in guardianship law. Clarice also successfully handles matters related to juvenile guardianships such as adoptions, juvenile protective services, termination of parental rights, and children in need of protection.

Crimes committed by children, also known as delinquency cases, is another of her specialties. Contact Clarice to learn more.

Clarice has a specialized background to draw upon in her practice of juvenile law. As the former lead prosecutor in the juvenile division of the Waukesha County DA, Clarice provides her clients an "insiders" legal approach to their juvenile law matter. Clarice has handled hundreds of juvenile law cases and trials as both an Asst DA and in her private practice of juvenile law.

From her base in Brookfield, WI Attorney Perkins is centrally located to clients anywhere in Southeastern Wisconsin who need a tough, honest, and experienced juvenile guardianship lawyer.

A good resource of information about juvenile guardianship law is located at Waukesha County Childrens Court.