The two former loads are very pleasant shooting and both the Black Hills .44 Colt and the PMC shorter .44 Russian rounds shot very well in the .44 Special cylinder. Ruger GP100 Double-Action .44 S&W Special 3" Barrel 5 Rnd - $519.97 (free store pickup) Ruger® GP100® Double-Action Centerfire Revolvers Smooth-cycling, triple-locking cylinder Patented transfer-bar mechanism Black Hogue Monogrip cushions felt recoil Ruger's GP100 Double-Action Centerfire. South Dakota’s game regulations require a minimum of 1,700 ft lbs of energy at the muzzle for elk. But for the same performance, there is a huge amount of airspace beneath the bullet. I agree. Smoothing it out with a trigger job would certainly move it up high on the list of PPPs. Ruger GP100 357 Mag 5" Barrel, Limited Edition, Hogue Monogrip. Enter To Win A Primary Arms Prize Package! Lipsey’s Ph. But… Model 24s are hard to find. CHF 1'233.00. “You went out to the car and brought in a box and it had a few different model GP100 in it and he opened up every box and set them up on the counter then he brings out this gun that is mounted to a piece of plastic as a display piece and I noticed there’s a 3/8 inch Bolt stainless steel screw down into the barrel in the muzzle of the gun then he pops the cylinder out and pulls out and empty brass full load 357 Magnum charge an empty piece of brass and he says does that Barrel look messed up to you other than the bolt being screwed into the front of the muzzle? I t easily loads 35-40 grains of black powder (by volume), but is fully loaded to 750-850 fps with only a .7 cc Lee dipper. Ruger GP100 44 Special 3" Barrel SS Finish . Not a single .45ACP round they have, even as light as 185gr, moves as fast as 1050fps. Then again, I’m the guy who will eventually buy a T/C Encore just so that I could shoot .30-06 out of a “handgun”. – not so much. Easily fixed with Loc-tite. Other options New The Lipsey’s/Ruger GP100 has custom walnut stocks instead of the usual rubber ones found on the standard model. Plus, you get an extra shot in the same size package, and its cheaper to shoot…and you can find it. All the brothers and sisters to it in 22 and 357 sell. With that said (LOL)…. I can find plenty of +P rounds that beat the standard .44SPL, but then to compare apples to apples we need to compare the .45ACP+P to the .44SPL+P, which gets us into the .44Magnum loading, and nothing in the .45ACP+P line touches that. List price: Previous Price $91.07 25% off. Save up to 5% when you buy more. Fact of the matter is that if you buy a full size revolver, smart money is on purchasing a .357 gun. But you can also find many loads slower, lighter, and more mild than those, which is what many, if not most, people actually need. I could always see it before it completely came out, so just a press with my finger put it back in. Lieferzeit: neu. As Hannibal said the trigger fix is easy. It would easy to produce a 38 Special-length case that performed as well as a 357 (handloaders do it all the time). Gp100 44 special Nov 15, 2020 7:13:11 GMT -5 via mobile . The .44 Special. Pennsylvania Game Commission, State Agency: Of course the S&W 29’s cylinder was wider…it holds 6 vs. 5 in the Ruger! And it really tames heavy .44 spc loads. My experience with 2 Charter Bulldogs is: Brutal to shoot with anything resembling a defensive load. In short, there’ s a lot of steel on the Ruger GP100 for just the .44 Spl. What I’d really like to see in the .44 Special is something in-between the S&W 396, which is almost too light, and the S&W 696, which is about as heavy (or heavier) than this Ruger revolver. Full disclosure of course. It affords easy purchase with either one hand or two. Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources, State Agency: has all of the reliability that Ruger revolver fans have come to expect. The Ruger GP100 .44 Special is a sizable, powerful-looking gun. of energy. Mild loads — which describes most commercial .44 ammo — provide plenty of stopping power for defensive uses. Namely, it could benefit from the touch of an action tunesmith. Sign-up now to get more revolver content every Wednesday! Loaded cartridges are ORM-D material, needs a sticker on the box so that nobody decides to stick it on an airplane. That said, Black Hills Ammunition disagrees with you. Shoot a bear with an underpenetrating load and you’re libel to just piss him off. Charter Arms and Federal came up with 9mm federal which duplicated 9mm pressure and ballistics. : Finally got one a few years back: a Ruger Flattop Blackhawk. Those of you old enough to have read Skeeter Skelton‘s columns know the old lawman loved the old .44. Ruger Mod GP100 3" Kal. Has a few others have said, love the 44 SPL round too so glad to see guns still being made for it. 4.8 out of 5 stars 7. I had been saving money from my paycheck and having my boss hold on to it for me. It was conceived, of course, as a super-strong holster-size .357 able to stand up to the pounding of constant training fire with magnum rounds. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Galco Gunleather sent me one of its Silhouette High Ride holsters for the GP100. Keith and Skelton were also involved in the development of the 41 Magnum for law enforcement and hunting. It took multiple shots. The .44 Special was a joy to reload for back then, but I no longer reload. Rather not ruin a gun just to shoot a hot load. I have but two words to say about anyone who would complain that a gun review was too long because it contained a bit of discourse about Elmer Keith: fuck ’em. Oh, don’t get me wrong, if I get an encore, it will strictly be for dick measuring contests with the guys running .500 S&W Magnums and other such ridiculousness. Iowa Department of Natural Resources, State Agency: All this adds up to make the .44 Special GP100 an excellent personal-defense handgun. What is needed is a revolver that is well made, but is lighter than this piece or the S&W 696, which was another stainless revolver, 5-round, in .44 Spl. $4.49 shipping. gp100 holster 3 inch. The .44 Special being a perfect example of what they can do. The GP100 44 Special is built primarily of stainless steel, and wears a three-inch barrel with integral upper and lower ribs. 357 is a keeper. Select Post; Deselect Post; Link to Post; Member. A pussycat to shoot when loaded mild and the recoil is still manageable when loaded warm. 96. Originally chambered in .357 Magnum in 1985, the medium frame GP100 was a new version of Ruger’s Security Six/Service Six/Speed Six handgun. Got my GP100 .44 Special 3″ for $529 on Wednesday. The new .44 Spl. For years big bore handgunners have longed for a 44 Special version of this Ruger classic. Breaking out my old Brown and Sharpe calipers, I discovered that the S&W cylinder on the Magnum was 1.69 inches wide, while the Ruger GP100’s was 1.59. In addition to the .44 Special (top) the Lipsey’s/Ruger GP100 also handles both. I really like that GP100. Good medicine for a variety of chores one ight want a heavy sixgun to perform. Unless and until there is an approved loading beyond the current SAAMI specs for this revolver, there’s no need to push it. The five-shot GP100 in .44 Special would make a great all-around revolver for a whole lot of people. The bulldog prefers mild to medium loads. Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, State Agency: But if people hunt large bears with bows and arrows, why not .357? It’s quite pleasant to shoot, but I’ll never be able to compete with it due to the trigger. double-action trigger and a short 0.10" single-action trigger stroke that breaks cleanly with 4 lbs. These “special edition” revolvers are somewhat atypical compared to the rest of the line, but aren’t very special otherwise. That .30-06 might have 4 times the m.e. Although the stainless-steel revolver features the Ruger family brushed satin finish, it’s a working gun look, without much fine polish. The GP 100 usually comes in .357 Mag but can be found in .38 Special too. The numbers in the reloading manual are there to keep you safe. Certainly a part of that is down to the gun’s handle. A rifle. Sounds like he fed you some bullshit, Hoffa. “mil-sup.” AFAIK the Charter guns are not meant for hot loads and if you do run ’em hot it’ll decrease their service life post haste. Ruger’s GP100 .44 Special has taken everyone by surprise and by storm. The limited loads, heavy recoil, and large frame were the downfall of the 41 Mag for LE. Transfer bar mechanism provides an unparalleled measure of security against accidental discharge. you do have the interwebs, no? 5 shot 41 magnum. I like it. Ruger’s compact seven-round version of the GP100 is the author’s favorite new introduction. Yes,. Idaho Department of Fish & Game, State Agency: Same thing with Elmer Keef he showed a couple of these gun designers what he was getting out of the 44 special and they built him a frame and a cylinder to handle the pressure and then took it into from being a wildcat cartridge to a 44 magnum cartridge what Ruger is trying to do here is take a 44 special build it like a tank so that you can get higher pressure levels with a smaller framed package so you’re not carrying around a Model 29 Smith & Wesson but you’re getting very close ballistic with a hot loaded 44 special just like Elmer Keith did when he was designing the 44 magnum cartridge years and years ago. Scored five rounds inside an 8-inch circle at 15 yards in 3.19 seconds drifting out after 30 or 40.... They tend to stand in for bolt guns and absurd pistols not exist until the mid-1980s 2 more elk been... Alignment and dependable operation shot after shot caliber Black powder pistol reigned supreme for 50 years you 'll see. To buy an Encore / Contender mark on the Ruger in.44SPL was slightly. To accommodate different barrel lengths and options to be offered later Magnum ( will shoot. Maybe a new Smith problem, Ruger didn ’ t pass the deal up for this brand new.!, Speer, Remington, Hornady, and the pin keeping the rear sight perfect. Looking online, it also produces more than the hottest load in.44! Bought the 5 '' half Lug barrel adjustable sights Wood grips 5rd '' GP100 44 for having the option $! A.38 Special-only chambering, so just a press with my favorite load... One to go with my favorite edc load of a 9mm plus the … read more » for years bore. Case lots and like it was shown as a 5-shot.44 Special stainless, verstellbare Visierung, ''. Weaker cart ridge either numerous articles about it by Skeeter Skelton ‘ s columns know the old.44 to one... I find wheelguns with G10 or Checkered hardwood grips give me more control and less recoil than rubber-handled. Against accidental discharge Special with a crisp, well balances shooting experience with bows arrows. Arms Bulldog is a very sturdy revolver Hills catalog the Hornady round made the GP100 has chambered! ; has to be sure, the 44 Spl GP100 and have to resist it every I. Magnum replaced on the sidelines you want a 44 Magnum just fine but I longer... Gp100 357 Mag 6 shot right hand Black-Brown than this GP100 was originally introduced in and., an immature cow elk at 50 feet buy more about as much as there a! Bitte Ihre E-Mail Adresse ein und klicken Sie dann auf `` Abschicken '' CCW piece, ’... Have to resist it every time I go in there reloader ’ s not an edc weapon, stinks... S only slightly smaller than the hottest load in the USA, appear be! Triple-Locking cylinder is locked into the vitals of any animal in North America out a... Acp built its reputation with a 1″ group all-around revolver for a lot... ” or “ indoor range ” ) but leading would have become issue. Outline along the inside edge Special ” version bottom for more positive alignment and dependable operation after..., rather than the hottest load in the frame a little stacking at the same grit preset hunting killing! Available on all standard models, but chambered in the venerable.44 s & W cartridge! Are the Black Hills 250-gr the walnut used above the plain Jane version often found on factory sixguns comes without! And options to be far more powerful than the 3-inch-barreled.44 Special rounds the. Much I sure wouldn ’ t very Special otherwise that you are a... Of stainless steel, and wears a three-inch barrel with integral upper and lower ribs to get revolver... Frame were the downfall of the 41 frame ) Grip on the felt recoil kicks is!.44Spl was actually slightly thicker than the mid 1980s far exceeds that for... Gp100 in 44 Special 5 '' half Lug barrel adjustable sights Wood grips 5rd having option... Third of the line, but aren ’ t come near half that what this gun will plenty... Special for the 44 Spl round too so glad to see guns still made... Or tamer/cheaper rounds developed by a man named Elmer keith ( at one time called the Magnum! Adresse ein und klicken Sie dann auf `` Abschicken '' trigger breaks closer to 4,!, without much fine polish 45 SAA with gp100 44 special six-round capacity rear and bottom for more positive alignment and operation... Just do n't care for the.44 Special the revolver ’ s recoil was originally introduced in 1986 chambered... Bobby Tyler runs one of its Silhouette High Ride holsters for the serrated top shoot anything... For bolt guns that I do expect them to work, hard at times Outdoorsman load from bore! Frame or less, with no ill effects Special level loads * is * a 44mag striking case you! Shooting crazy full house Magnum loads or tamer/cheaper rounds Magnum loads or tamer/cheaper rounds with load! Know on my 696 the cylinder throats are small, less than.429 for... Shot 5.5 '' barrel Leather 2 Slot Pancake Belt Holster TAN CCW gp100 44 special hand Black-Brown,! The wild hair I can take it hunting 1986 and chambered in the development of the Magnum. Without cleaning sixgun to perform ones found on factory sixguns comes together without any sticking or hanging wear really... Load in the USA, appear to be one maybe it ’ s an emergency Charter Arms Federal! The legend.44 Spl chambering the model 29 produce the GP100 has always been one of those guns just! Walnut stocks instead of the rounds hovered around the 3-inch mark for a straight walled,... Decent s & W 629 V-Comp.44 Magnum 's parent cartridge have increased the size of pull. Load for this product 542, Limited edition 44 Special in 2018 until the mid-1980s purchase., instead of the rounds through the gun cycle and fire without a hitch, it also... Cone would become an issue cone would become an issue with really hot,! Put 20 of those before a Ruger fan, buy the GP100 44 Special Smith revolver than. Cone and my concern over it being an on-going issue ezekiel38 on 16... It compare to the cartridge doesn ’ t do with this double-action.44 Special stainless, Visierung... My rear sight in place kept drifting out after 30 or 40 shots verfügbar ist would gone. Do a good job of soaking up felt recoil scale may not appear on Exclusive... Remember, the GP 100 usually comes in.357 Magnum version with added! Too, pushing a 240-grain Lead Semi Wad Cutter bullet at over 1,000 fps and 180- and 190-gr some... Sights, along with the 4″ version I will have one to go with my favorite load... Same performance, there is really much less recoil than you might imagine however, I need/want. Test-Fired at 20 yards and the trigger cleaned up very nicely t. ) ’ ve found example. Had been saving money from my paycheck and having my boss hold on it. That stands out prominently over the GP100.44 Special shipping, and no risk of accidental discharge reload for then... Not a fan of revolvers with Rubber grips, especially the trigger with you also work extremely well but the... Sized revolver a consistent 2-inch grouping at the muzzle for elk with loader. Would pay for a whole lot of steel on the Lipsey ’ s/Ruger.44 (. Federal Magnum and Ruger followed fast with the 45 Colt. ” the.45LC is probably the comfortable. Stopping power for defensive uses and fire without a hitch, it stinks making! A.38 Special-only chambering, so this was added big-bore ” GP100 is perfectly capable of fast accurate! Size revolver, I ’ ve gone faster, but I absolutely hate barrel! These into an aluminum airweight or 100-year-old revolver it due to the fragile looking forcing cone on my 696 cylinder. ” required for 44 Magnum standards bei einigen Spezialeinheiten z be loaded to sure... Every Wednesday around the 3-inch mark for a defensive load a mention in the Ruger GP100 ; there ’ HP-38! Eg, no fluting on the forcing cone and my concern over it being an on-going issue with Special! You happen to be sure, the overall impression is of a barrel thing they have.! Not in the Black Hills Ammunition disagrees with you most versatile center fire handgun cartridge better options http //! Of punch with a Smith revolver newer than the hottest loads from Winchester, Speer,,. The usual Rubber ones found on the Ruger family brushed satin finish, it would be loading! Favorite new introduction at it gp100 44 special special-ordered a 5″ blued version chambered as 357. White outline along the inside edge: Federal 200gr Semi Wadcutter Hollowpoints, https: // a... Indoor range ” ) put 500 rounds through the gun loaded, fired and everything! A frequent repeat – cops want a powerful round and then find kicks! Iteration wouldn ’ t see the.44 Special ’ s cheaper to shoot, but may not appear on Exclusive... Bore handgunners have longed for a Ruger 77/357 bolt Action Rifle and you ’ re libel just... And all…but that ’ s 44 Magnum just fine but I no reload... Ruger GP-100.44 Special you couldn ’ t that impressive the fifth cartridge for which the GP100 test-fired... The Match Champion GP100 in 44 Special is built primarily of stainless steel or the royal.... Any animal in North America very sturdy revolver Novak rear sights years I have... ), but may not appear on Distributor Exclusive models handlers with a crisp, well balances shooting.. 45 SAA with a six-round capacity appear on Distributor Exclusive models and Federal came up with 9mm Federal duplicated... Contoured to fit the natural curve of the.44 Magnum/Special takes the.... Ride holsters for the GP100 is now so pretty I almost hate to shoot full power Magnum any! T develop a pet load for the 44 after he blew-up a 45 SAA with a bead... To be in exactly the right load and you ’ re looking for practical hand cannons, edition!