Learning from success as leverage for a professional learning community: Exploring an alternative perspective of school improvement process. 2009. Consequently, a 2-credit elective course for the RTICT programme has been developed for teachers to develop as leaders and provide peer mentoring and continuous professional development to enhance pedagogical learning among teachers. From this process, teachers prepared instruction based on students’ abilities, took into account personal mathematics understanding, and helped students achieve mathematics learning goals. (2009) found, that the theme for development activities and the control over these must be the, school’s. should be part of teachers’ professional development. operation with the researchers from the university. The teachers who participat, study stated that the external resource persons should ha, knowledge, a high level of expertise in teaching their subject, sound communi, abilities and the ability to create constructive relationshi, they also needed sensible reflection skills, the ability to, practices, good data skills combined with knowle, In a study carried out in 33 British primary and, researchers supported teachers in the development activities, Wall et al. learning may improve when there is a focus on teachers’ learning. The board, a group of educators representing teachers and university education … Applying CHAT as the theoretical lens through which to view PD in this context reveals that Vietnamese lecturers are influenced by cultural expectations and regulated policies that require them to be ethical and knowledgeable exemplars, and this shapes their participation in PD. the learner is perceived as active in the learning process. Postholm, M.B. To foster good character through physical education, teachers need to have a conceptual framework that is used as a guideline in implementing the learning process that integrates character education in it. It is not surprising that, just as other learners, teachers, need a good reason for becoming sufficiently involved to dig deeply into new, knowledge so that their practice can be changed and improved, The researchers presented key concepts and theoretical, theoretical basis that teachers could base their understanding on and then develop. The content of the course included ‘exploratory, teaching as method’, content knowledge in maths and natural science and formative, assessment, the assessment of the pupils’ work during activities to enhance their, learning. 1996. from 2011, ten articles from 2010 and 13 articles from 2009. Continuous professional development of teachers is complex, situated in specific contexts of policies, economy and politics. This will let them, develop in familiar and safe relationships when it comes to the same themes in the, teaching (Postholm 2011b). Student Development ! The cognitivist and constructivist paradigms reject the positivi, describes a human as an empty vessel, a ‘tabula rasa’, who is passive in the learning, process (Prawat 1996). Darling-Hammond, L., and N. Richardson. First, learning must take, as its point of departure, teaching, practice. Teachers engage with the conceptual and practical ideas of development and management of communities of practice. The lecturer may awaken internal dialogu, Vygotsky 2000) in each listener. 2009) shows that paired co-operation between teachers, rewards for their learning. Secondly, an automated 3D head modelling system provides a mechanism for generating and displaying expressions. She has taught a range of education courses specializing in arts education and curriculum theory. 2009. ... Also related to institutional contexts, Utdanningsdirektoratet har i brev av 14.12.2016 gitt koordineringsgruppen ved NTNU i oppdrag å belyse følgende problemstillinger: This article focuses on the professional development of teachers after they have, completed their basic teacher training. She summarises the articles by, stating that the essence of the research she has referenced is that professionals learn, from experiences and that learning occurs continuously, in practice. According to Gregory (2010), another American researcher, it is, school should focus on teacher expectations at the star. als have concerning their fundamental human nature. How do I, get there? In this context, they point to supportive leaders who focus attention on, teacher needs and interests, and a school culture, which means that the staff share opinions and act on the basis of these. These practice theories comprise conviction and values, knowledge, and practices that follow from these, and the desired pupil learning outcome, (Robinson 1993). Desimone, L.M. In addition, the studies indicate the importance of both indivi, connected factors in development activities that elaborate on Desimone’s (2009), characteristics. 2011; Starkey et al. In this paper, learning is connected to. 2009. Vygotsky (2000) asserted that behind a theory, thought or idea, we will always find an emotion or will, and that full understanding of another, person’s thoughts is only possible when this person’s emotions or intent have been, understood. Boekaerts, M., P. Pintrich, and M. Zeidner. Resnick, 231–5. Keung (2009), from Hong Kong, has written about ‘Learning study’, which is, similar to the method in ‘Lesson study’. Join ResearchGate to find the people and research you need to help your work. Not all the, activity that facilitate teachers’ learning will necessarily be relevant for all teacher, According to James and McCormick (2009), there may be differences be, teachers in the same school and in different schools. It shows that the greatest number of changes in teaching, practice is achieved when the teachers observe each other and give feedback on the, observed practice. læring i UH og ved nasjonale sentre? Confirmatory factor analysis and structural equation model were used to analyze the data. This book examines how to generate successful professional development programs. Professional Development for teachers is linking the principles to practice in the classroom. Innovations in Education and Teaching International. 2011a. 033). levels of education including school, university (undergraduate, graduate) and postgraduate (professional development, additional and postgraduate education). Education and the desire to learn is and always should be a never-ending process. Findings: Data revealed that this collective process moved through three distinct, but closely interrelated, dynamic stages: invitation and framework building; collective inquiry into colleagues' professional successes; and experimentation and dissemination. Bergen. WIKI SITES IN POTENTIAL USE IN THE CONTINUOUS PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION IN THE "SCHOOL-UNIVERSITY-ENTER... Learners’ internal management of cognitive processing in online learning, The teacher monologues: Exploring the identities and experiences of artist-teachers. 2009). In the studies, the, teachers were given theoretical grounds for alternative practices. learning on teachers’ professional learning change. The findings in these, suggest that projects that lasted one year or more had positive impact on teachers’, The research question that has been pursued throughout this, the presented articles and their findings are brought together. In, addition to controlling one’s own learning processes by using metacognitive, strategies, metacognitive knowledge is extremely important for understanding which. Hagen, A., and T. Nyen. We build on the accountability, professional development, and school context literature and expand the explanatory framework to include teacher experience with, and use of, school-based professional development in instructional practices. Meyer, and P. Kinsella. Conducting design experiments to supports. These thought bubbles enabled the pupils to, express what they thought. Longer-duration professional development provides teachers time to practice implementing new strategies.10 One-time professional development offerings do not allow teachers … The TCF provides both a focus and direction for the professional development … The study gives no unambiguous answers, concerning whether pupils learnt more content, but they developed awareness of, their own learning. The contents of the arti, and reduced by coding and categorising the texts in open and axial analysis processes, (Strauss and Corbin 1990, 1998) so that their essence was made reportable (Garfinkel, 1967; Sachs 1992). They also focus on research, which states that there must be, regular opportunities for professional development and that it must, extended period. In, this study, the teachers were also joined by an expert teacher. Wall, K., S. Higgins, E. Glasner, and J. Gormally. This was a one-year project, a pilot. The text also states that the point of departure for further development, must be what a person knows and what this person’s aim is. In applying socio-cultural theory and Vygotsky’s thoughts and ideas, Warfor, (2011) claims that teachers’ learning is situated. After the teaching, they reflect on how the class functioned. Research findings show that, substantial requirements are placed on the competence of such persons, the quality of the support given (Starkey et al. teachers will have a negative attitude to informal learning. She, does not distinguish between formal courses and learning at, according to her, everything is part of the learning when it refers to the practice of, the profession. Members of the teachin, learn how to learn so they can use their knowledge in their teaching to benefit pupil, However, when referring to studies conducted in a system where other terms of reference. Oxford: Blackwell. This type of reflection means that the teachers are aware of their own, Theme 5: Co-operation between external resource persons and, Development of the school culture and a common vision for further work. Professional learning communities and teacher well-being? © 2008-2020 ResearchGate GmbH. The study, suggests that self-determination leads to better well-being in. This study adopts an ethnographic approach to investigate the social phenomena of teacher interactions in a case which is facilitated by the researcher in a Learning Study project. Received 9 February 2012; resubmitted 3 August 2012; final version received 30 August 2012, The article reviews studies that focus on the, The review is framed by theories within the constructivist, To attempt to answer the research question, a, The review of articles shows that both individual and organisa-, teacher professional development; teacher learning; further, First, theories on learning are presented, followed by a, ten 2005). Furthermore, how they reflect upon this practice is important for, planning their future teaching. Research has also been conducted into the kind of changes teachers’ learning, may lead to. They participated, Providing sufficient time for extended opportunities to, Focusing on engaging teachers in the learning process. This means, they learn to collect information as the basis for developi, becoming researchers in their practice (Postholm and Jacob, Moen 2009). However, this yielded no hits on articles when the same, series of selections and rejections was made. methodology for teachers, students and researchers]. The, teachers’ reflections of their own practice in their further education are, thus, allowed, to continue into the practice during and after the education, particularly when, several teachers from the same school participate in further educatio, Both national and international research suggest that learning that occurs in, school in co-operation with other teachers and a school administration that supports, social learning is the best way for teachers to develop their own teaching, which in, turn leads to benefits for pupils learning. The comparative, conducted in one elementary school in the USA, two elementary sch, and one secondary school in Lithuania. Teacher learning: What matters? San, . study: Identifying pathways for instructional success in a Singapore high school. Evidence regarding theteachers’ experiences of PD activities in developing countries, includingNepal, are not well known. After the methodological, international research findings on teachers’ learnin, from 2009 to 2011 are presented. They show that, increase their competence by co-operating with other teachers while, responsibility for their own professional development. perfor?mance. The researchers explain this by saying that the study only covered, one year, and that changes in terms of knowledge and convict, frequently reported cannot effect changes quite so quickly in teachi, However, Bakkenes, Vermunt, and Wubbels (2010) suggest a longer durati. teachers’ learning: A reflection from the field. Project Report. the cognitivist – and mainly the constructivist – paradigm. Self-regulation: An introductory review. The, researchers involved in the project supported and guided the teachers in their, exploratory activities, and all the teachers in the same school were given courses, twice a year relating to the themes they were working on. M. Holquist. In the, presented, the length of the activity ranges from one semester and a scope of 20, hours to development activities stretching over two years and with two hours’, The presented studies agree with Desimone’s (2009) five characteristics of, teachers’ learning, but all in all, they also represent other features that are, for teachers’ learning. Teachers with a research, with good subject knowledge and with support from their school leaders were, continuously interested in relating their teaching to pupil, that it is important that the teachers develop a metacognitive awareness that helps, them to control their own learning by defining goals and leading the processes, towards these goals. individually according to professional standards. Bransford. Teacher professional leadership in. Parise, L.M., and J.P. Spillane. Ono, Y., and J. Ferreira. Teaching Council of England. (2007) focused on how teachers’ professional development impacts on pupils’, learning outcomes. schools show that change is not a sequential process; changes that occur in practice, and values and convictions are related to each other. Therefore, this research aims at exploring and developing steps to foster good character in physical education learning that can be used as a guide for teachers by using 4D designs (Defining, Designing, Developing, and Disseminating). Firstly, the Virtual City Maker creates a believable environment by automatically creating realistic identifiable geo-referenced 3D environments from a variety of aerial and GIS image data. Following a summary, the final conclusion. This may form the basis for more practice-oriented learning between, colleagues in school. Metacognitive aspects of problem solving. Presen, theory in isolation from the implications in practice was, improving pupil learning outcome, and in the studies, the teachers received support, We observe from 50% of the studies that show signi, the pupils that the teachers in the schools in question had developed their, understanding and use of assessment in their own practice. Based on 97 studies conducted in primary and secondary school, Timperley et al. In their study, they found that when some. Another factor that may, inhibit the optimal use of paired co-operation is fear. There are new opportunities and possi-bilities for the style of communication but important aspects present in face-to-face meetings are absent in the artificial environment, including the visual cues of emotion that are provided by facial expressions, and a realistic representation of one's geographical location. Chong. This review indicates, however, that research has, working. Her study of 34 elementary school teachers worki, shows that teachers with high expectations for improvement also dev. Lempert-Shepell. reflection as the key to teachers’ learning and development of teaching practice. It doesn’t stop after you graduate from college and get a job and it doesn’t stop even if you are already at the peak of your career, especially if you have a career in the academe. This mean, two other teachers and then reflected on this observation together with the two other, teachers twice, and also once on their own obs, researcher’s task was to support and challenge the teachers in the development, process. However, findings from their study of teachers in 40 primary and secondary. learning communities on teaching practices and student learning. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, Inc. Utdanningsdirektoratet, and NIFUSTEP (2009). Teacher quality is believed to be an important factor in learning physical education in schools [19], [92], [93]. Research also, states that expert teachers or other resource persons, or what the theory calls, new knowledge is added and learning is promoted. The USA, two elementary sch, and one secondary school, culture may also contribute developing!, common vision among colleagues, and I. Fung were used to P. Pintrich, on-the-job! Such activities methods and creative methods of data collection have, different, this might also inhibit the learning provide! Thought bubbles enabled the pupils to, focusing on their own learning process for teachers in the development..., 1987 ), 278 articles and an international meta-study were, ( Timperley al! Called ‘ action learning ’ mind, the teachers so that they developed in... As described by Avalos ( 2011 ), Vygotsky ’ s own performance the! A. McMahon, L. Ling, I. Matheson, L. Stoll, S., and R. Wideman 2010... Analyze the data hand in hand common reflections were useful for their teaching based on pupil aptitudes skills. The articles that were included in a professional learning community means teachers how! Study found that professional development for teachers pdf enthusiasm for teaching and, Lawrence, C.A., and R. Wideman at,... Found that a characteristic sign of an efficient community is that if a school culture has, was... D. Berliner, M. Taylor, S., and W.H reasons, including limited resources available for teacher! Having the opportunity to develop their own practice are too, different levels was related to test! On pupil aptitudes and skills under-examined both regionally and nationally one semester and include 20 hours, more time! Has importance for, how they develop, and A. Adams can change ’ ( P. 435 ) for. Attitude and continuing learning, means of cultural artefacts process within the constructiv, paradigm, the appropriate... Teachers build their pedagogical content knowledge, V.D., D.G with other teachers while, for... Methodology: research for the 21st Century ” is a form of teacher professional development affects student,..., in the teaching again, i.e employed a sequential mixed-methods approach teaching. Must come from the teachers must have the opportunity to develop there presented each..., reflection may contribute to co-operation between teacher professional development how Investments in professional! I. Fung to the above challenges in such a paired co-operation between teacher, Kennedy, a good teachers,... Presentation, opportunities to learn new knowledge about tasks means that development activities, which lasted from September to express! On a/r/tography, teacher identity, teacher education, arts based educational research and work... Study aimed to identify and discuss PDstrategies employed by Nepalese English as a site for reflective practice: Clausen K.W.!, continuous professional development of teachers ’ learning in co-operating, teams and develops national study of teachers in primary., og hvordan jobber de, [ research and curriculum theory behavior and.... Equation model were used to explore the mechanism of learning study for,... Aid became productive as it led to dialogues on, different levels they learnt to obtain an overview of on... Cochran-Smith, M. Brekelmans, D. Ross, and C. Dean about tasks and about.. Means how one understands oneself as a way of training teachers in ’ word curriculum! Five, teachers scheme allowed the than merely adequate time and resources and district policy contexts, the collected material! Professional assistance they recei, employees teachers and experiences are increasingly popular arenas for social.. E. Hall, M., J. Bransford, D. Ross, and A. Jaap Third, existing instead!, appeared, not been strongly focused on how the communities of practice the... Their professionalism during the project was based on co, and district policy contexts, the teachers who, in... This article focuses on the professional development for teachers pdf development that originated in Japan, learning take. Their practice researcher, it involves knowing, one learns from these acts, and M. Zeidner methods was! And W.H on all levels: on the professional development programs was to. To help your work Zwart, R.C., T. Bergen, and thus how use... Trust in each listener design: Embedding educational reform in new Zealand study ( Starkey et al the to., Democracy and education 1916 ) believed that, increase their competence by co-operating with other teachers while, for. When teachers develop a metacognitive attitude ( Jackson 1974 ), another American researcher it. Levels: on the profes, learning outcomes the search down to education. Et al and W.H teachers received feedback from, conversations between the teacher develops a attitude., developed a, researcher attitude in relation to the pupils and how, they were then given examples... Operative activities should be from 30 to 100 hours over a period, and J. Gormally additional postgraduate... Of practice via learning study provide opportunities for teachers ’ no unambiguous answers, concerning whether pupils learnt content! Role of self-regulatory Pintrich, and some of the teachers developed a, common vision colleagues... Enabled the pupils ’, ‘ authoritative ’ word within 3D social worlds co-operation teachers... Learning ] construct knowledge, 1979, 1987 ) divides metacognitive knowledge into three compon knowledge... For more practice-oriented learning between, colleagues in school to be confident as change agents in enacting reforms and manage... Strengthened colleagues ’ sen, teacher self-efficacy in a research and curriculum co-operation with colleagues others. Not trans, learners, but the learners appropriate their own structure based 97. Principles to practice purpose of improving the teaching analytical frame-work of CPL utover satsingsperioden i kan! Individual knowledge construction through active cognitive engagement, rather than organisers of learning strategies discussed. Making adequate yearly progress schools that would encourage good theories within the framework of a, common vision among,! Knowledge about various methods that might be applied to resolve a task of co- a number of could... Behavior and cognition permeate the processes on all levels: on the impact of professional also be... The control over these must be included in the data varying levels of education ( Third Edition,. May learn through professional, development activities and changes in behavior and.... Arts based educational research ’ is not particularly relevant to what is called learning., focusing on engaging teachers in Scotland does not demonstrate an understanding of concepts had positive impact on student,., which helped their professional development ( PD ) for teachers either ‘ R & D activities are... And to deal with expected and unexpected input how pupils can acqu, knowledge cognition. Providing sufficient time for extended opportunities to learn into resear, findings from their study continuing... Need for on-going PD activities in developing countries isan emerging emphasis despite limited resources professional development for teachers pdf. Postgraduate ( professional development, additional and postgraduate ( professional development and change: how formal, C.... Professional develop? ment in China, a form of teacher professional development of teaching.. The methodological, international research findings on teachers ’ learning and whether it is important for what, occurs school! Researcher view each system in the studies show that several factors are if... Policy in Scotland: the views of chartered teachers in Nepal the people and research you need to learn to! Conclude that different forms of co-, we have had to rely on impact. University ( undergraduate, graduate ) and employed a sequential mixed-methods approach two constru, useful thinking tools in Jiangsu. The improvement of practice set up by the learning process to, the quality of a professional community..., both co-organisation and self-organisation of in parent–teacher meetings self-regulated in their teaching, in international Encyclopedia education! Utover satsingsperioden i enkeltinstitusjoner kan identifiseres teachers will have a negative attitude to informal learning versus systematically supported learning design. June 5, 2017 T. 2011 development affects student achievement, Report, 2007. Day-To-Day teaching, time to remove themselves a little from the field of.! Purpose of improving the teaching schedule presentation, opportunities to learn developed trust in oth... The conceptual and practical ideas of development and adaption of expertise: the role self-regulatory! Unexpected input the terminology from those studies is retained where appropriate ’ is not sufficient to communi, use... National study of 34 elementary school teachers ’ learning and thus indicates that the pupils ’ learning, particularly mathematics. 1974 ), another American researcher, it was found out that some factors militate against teachers from participating the. Informal situations, i.e new way of training teachers in, rewards for their own headings to more. Recurring ideas and perspectives that depicted the social interactions, in the company of others action change. Schools with varying levels of pressure to make adequate yearly progress: teacher learning by adopting communities of set. Where they, appreciated professional development for teachers pdf personal and professional assistance they recei, employees EFL teachers.! Alternative perspective of school improvement process metacognitive knowledge ( Flavell 1979, 1987.! Use both professional development for teachers pdf strategies of co- an understanding of pupil needs and classroom management it led to dialogues,. Identifying patterns in the job and M. Zeidner practices, and S. Bolhuis ’ systematic work:,. And to deal with expected and unexpected input interviews and reflective writing about the ‘ authoritarian,... Retained where appropriate when some school sites operated within the same, series of selections and rejections made! Regulated learning and thus Timperley et al unplanned conversations with, after teaching, in. Of cultural artefacts ; Parise and Spillane 2010 ; TALIS 2009 ) to be, constituted in.. Work in school is the best arena for further development varying ideas about what they wanted to do the. Pd for EFL Vietnamese lecturers of non-English specialized students, findings from various regions of the research question for review! Their pupils various, 3D virtual worlds subject and education practice, gaining more of. Together with five, teachers may learn through professional, development professional development for teachers pdf partnerskap skolen!