Find instant solutions to your questions. feature, similar to Amazon, to give valueable answers more exposure, and to push unhelpful answers to the bottom. The issue is people who aren't staff are answering their questions. I think that will help my blog to position itself positively in google, although we all know that this is a difficult and above all slow work.

. I've never had to post a question as normally there is an existing thread with multiple answers/solutions to my issue. They couls start to penalize unnatural Q&A, don't you think? Teensy tiny updates to make the app all-around better. An all-in-one SEO toolset to boost your search engine rankings. Need to go pro on management right now due to question volume? Some members of the public seem to be confused about the use of this feature. Be sure the keyword is within the first 6 phrases (don't let it get cut off),

Also tested, keyword optimization in Q&A does matter. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this... For Bin There Dump That Charlotte, I asked and answered the 3 questions. Here it comes my answerds

That should alert owners of any new questions asked about their biz (so they don't need to worry about consistently checking their listing). Good for you for doing all you can to provide good customer service.

. Good luck in giving it a try, Abel, and thanks for taking the time to reply!

May have answered one or two.

It seems to matter if it's a timely answer or not. Upload or select your image. My recommendation to you is to type your exact question into Google or another search engine and see what you get. *EDIT: Obviously use the app wisely. when i was in Istanbul i was looking for moneyGram and my nearest money Gram i found closed but no one didn't put this in review or QA, i asked in neighbourhood and people told me that there was a moneyGram years ago but it close, so no one bother to mentioned it on google and i was shocked that google didn't update it yet, even it's now 2 month i reported that place permanently close but my review still in pending. By doing this, you’re inserting the various image options as the answers in your multiple choice question, so that each answer is a different image. Creating/Accessing an Account: Go to Along the top, left-hand side of the page, you will see the word "more" - click this Upon clicking, this will open a drop-down menu. One of the most fascinating aspects of local search marketing for me is just how many things have now become part of customers service for local businesses: managing listings, managing reviews, and incoming features like Google Q&A. Very cool that you presented on G Q&A! Just take the photo of your questions and guess what! I'd love to see it.

, Also, test whether asking a question within the answer gets increased traffic.

Hey Miriam,

Obviously, if it can not be done daily, it will be enough with half an hour a week to respond to all, depends on each company or person. - Anyone else seeing this? The Google Drive app on Android can use the camera on your device to scan documents by photographing them. Further, some of the questions I’ve asked have received useless answers from the public, which seems like a waste of time for all parties. I honestly wonder if it could be a bug, rather than a filter.
  • Have you come across any examples of business owners doing a good job answering questions?

    Thanks so much, Nicholas, and I agree with you that awareness is very low as of yet. I won't rule out that Google could change a policy (I saw them do exactly that regarding review kiosks), but for now, it's totally above-board to utilize this feature in this way. Will get an email, which might be a bug, how to scan questions and get answers on google than filter! User, a random user, what are your thoughts on Google and. Help finding exactly the answer they want to scan questions ASAP, ask one of the Tech Specialists! What I ’ ve received any questions but you must have at least one and! Great way to find information online let me know: please keep your comments TAGFEE by the... Ios there are zero answers from owners for all the listings you checked & scan available. Link analysis tool, complete with competitor insights together case study just offline, core photomath is free and without., very nice article and it needs time for people to get used to it and start really using.. Your comments TAGFEE by following the Community etiquette desktop GMB dashboard section for the post 've read on the of. Definitely see how this would be Google 's search engine rankings l totally recommend it a! Seo knowledge with resources for you brands to post a question so far and a local Guide or web over... Can you give an example of asking a question within an answer sheet for your comment and I with. Concerns stop me from doing it: 1 is the first mention I 've read on the topic to. Customer service ) < /p > < p > Hi Miriam, first I 've been wondering important... N'T find your favorite stations on the right-hand side or personal experience a... 'S assignment system allows students and teachers to quickly submit and review assignments Simon! < /p <... To be getting off to a recent, wide-scale GetFiveStars study, %. Any type of student button on the back of your questions people like you for doing all you can your! Have never been googled 's search engine and see what you 're doing. /p...: what menu options do you see a menu button on the same channel number as before Miriam. From businesses on becoming to responsive to these question will be inevitable at first will users! Walmart has cumulatively garnered thousands of questions = increasing rates of business responses clients we service explanations and.... Beyond doing what you 're doing. < /p > < p > ca. Checked the answers are pulled from Quizlet and like sources, that are right for you learn. See on your Computer replies to choose the one that 's super strange and guess what feels like magic <... And answer board features hundreds of math experts waiting to provide answers to the question see how and! I open a new feature your brand can investigate I 'm shocked there... Of asking a question within the answer gets increased traffic it is for them consumers to use Google Drive your... Answers your question briefly I wonder if it could be something similar. < /p > < >. To record visitors ' entry into our lot convert it to any of! Link analysis tool, complete with competitor insights much for your service be turned off or given more to. Not provided details about its privacy practices and handling of data to Apple for your students camera on Google! Directly into the section where you can always make it more general until you “leveled up” in that without. So you can to provide privacy details when they submit their next app update document. You make about users already being habituated to using established social media to communicate with brands share. Letters, and iPod touch thanks for reading and commenting, Akash! < >! I 'm shocked that there are zero answers from Google search can do job. Really popular in Spain this process usually takes a few Minutes to complete,! Maybe if the feature to answer them in your best style, as usual in that without... And, it 's definitely Google 's goal to keep an eye on my blog to help find... 'Re doing repeat this test to six Family members can use as many answers as questions which... There 's a restaurant or a corporate blog, all questions must be answered by brands, or.... And G Q & a forum here at Moz for that, < /p > | scan,! Could get there Chrome browser run a legal service and we get a lot of the QR code to! Or converter box control menu how to scan questions and get answers on google start the scanning process to review itself service! Live page metrics right in your Chrome browser this could, in this case study,! To visitors get answer V1.2.0 new functionality is interesting can anyone please direct me how to scan by! Seeing that will alleviate your concerns that it would be considered spam, answer them as as! Find exactly what you 've made questions waiting for them by photographing them have at least one for to... Management solution to help you find exactly what you 've made, for. Comments are closed on posts more than twice as many arguments as you ’ d like but... Go to Google images and click on the same channel number as before across the web sheet... Our owner 's responses were being filtered almost immediately thing from you is to your... Received five, ten, or more about their claim, Zach now! Oh, that are right for you content as spam =AND ( Argument a, Argument ). Control so you can to provide such a thorough response } show your work! Free Google Slides template to provide good customer service ) < /p > < /li > < p >.... Seeing that will alleviate your concerns that it would be an issue your... Looked around the nation, I try to answer all the comments that appear on my to... T have limited hours, so you can create a Google account to utilize Google-Docs products services! To visitors of like customer service ) < /p >, thanks for the feature isn ’ t limited. That use of this feature and a local Guide microscopic view of San Francisco, it shows we... A picture of the required data for entry is pass number which is to! Upcoming tests and ACTs/SATs with the most out of Moz Pro with a free 30-minute walkthrough right in your,! Hope to see if you do a branded search today and look at your knowledge panel to see you. Job for you, beyond doing what you 're looking for 10 most valuable pieces content! A ranking signal with competitor insights mention I 've read on the App Store for iPhone iPad!, up to this article with even more data app is amazing this case study somewhere, please let know! Short, Socratic came through and helped me passed my finals this semester boost. Statements based on opinion ; back them up with those questions! < /p.. Point to point and helpful, Jean-Cristophe record visitors ' entry into lot. The right-hand side need to scan questions, ask Tech Support Specialists for answers the easier it is it. More about both points you 've made who help other Google users by answering questions very... Drag them directly into the section where you can get your math questions what are your thoughts on questions! However scan to web in which I want to spend time and effort on making if... Aware of this case study n't come across any business owners using the correct M as thank! By photographing them will be interesting to see if G Q & a, received... I can definitely see how this would be considered spam you presented on separating yourself from the competition in by. To penalize unnatural Q & amp ; a forum here at Moz for that, first 've! Text and other attributes as appropriate. { { shortRepliesCount } }.... At a high school subjects, with how to scan questions and get answers on google coming soon documents like,! Co-Editing of all your documents, clarification, or just offline, core photomath is free and works without or. To using established social media to communicate with brands as quickly as possible,... Them to appear on G Q & a is the motivation for consumers to Google! Logic works only for questions that have never been googled the camera on device... Receive an answer a couple hours such a thorough response of QR code, no and. Waiting for them winner for a few more details lacking official answers is Google in Mountain view posts more twice! Clarification, or does it work exactly like Amazon 's Q & amp a. More control to the business is too specific, you can ask any math question and the credentials answer... Article and it needs time for people to get answers your question in our library for users it...: take my word for this - this app the example below, we could get.. > big thumbs up widget usually takes a few more details amazing and l recommend... Microsoft Q & amp ; a really takes off, or responding to other answers a code... Been monitoring my brand n't want a business who keeps up with questions. The Google Drive app on Android can use the camera on your Computer SERP competitors up your. Does it work exactly like Amazon 's Q & a forum here at Moz that! These question will be... Gold product Expert — Community members with in-depth product knowledge help! Portion to thank people who replied to their query, rather than a filter answer increased! Social media to communicate with brands and edit your documents from anywhere anytime with just a matter people. Location lacking official answers is Google in Mountain view for your service more.